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Advanced Driving lessons With Pass R Uss Driving School Newport.

Advanced driving test tuition, I guess you are probably wondering what exactly an advanced driving qualification is and what advanced driving courses or advanced driving lessons are all about.

This is a particular skill, an ability to control a vehicle in an advanced manner such as positioning control, safe speed control in that fast driving (within speed limits) can be a safe controlled process.

The ability to drive a vehicle smoothly in a systematic manner taking consideration of road conditions traffic (other vehicles on the road) and make advanced progression on the road without causing hazard both reasonably and responsibly.


Advanced drivers show cautious yet positive attitudes whilst driving in a competent manner.

yes advanced drivers can be fast and can seem to push quickly through traffic in the case of urgency or emergency, however advanced driver training enables advanced drivers to do so in relative safety.

This naturally demands high competence, awareness control and observation skills, this also requires the advanced driver to have holistic observation to be able to react quickly and safely to any situation that may arise on the roads today. Planning and anticipation are essential qualities that you will require before attempting advanced driving.

The main skill taught can be described as highly developed handling skills in all possible road conditions keeping the vehicle stable and positioned correctly at all times whilst being able to bring the vehicle to a stop within visible distances that are seen and felt by the driver to be safe and clear.

Additionally controlling the gears and speed of the vehicle in unison to maintain maximum safe control and keeping likely and or unexpected road events at the forefront of the mind and being able to anticipate and react quickly to such road events.

Advanced driving used to be limited to the emergency services but on today’s roads there is now a greater demand for advanced driving, in reaction to this the DSA and the DIA have an advanced driving test that meets internationally recognised standards of excellence.

In contrast to what can be described as emergency vehicle type driving advanced drivers show the opposite traits which is why many drivers today take an advanced driving course for example.

Advanced drivers drive vehicles very smoothly and in a highly economical manner which helps to increase fuel economy and put less wear and tear on the vehicle.

Poor drivers often show what we call spurt and squirt tendencies, in that they are hard on the accelerator and then hard on the brakes, obviously this will increase fuel consumption and put unnecessary strain on the mechanical aspects of the vehicle such as brakes, tyres, gearbox axles and the engine itself.

Advanced drivers show the opposite to these drivers yet strangely enough despite never being hard on the accelerator and brakes, they seem to make the same journey in a similar time using less fuel and being far less likely to be involved in an accident.

Advanced drivers pay less for car insurance and keep their no claims bonus for far longer than the average driver on Britain’s roads today.

There are several advanced driving organisations the most notable of those is probably The Institute Of Advanced Motorists.

So if you are ready to go for your advanced driving test, it’s both worth while on a cost basis and can be great fun too! if not the there is an option for refresher driving lessons to get you ready for your advanced driving course, then you will need to contact an advanced driving instructor like Russell Simmons registered with the DIA.

For more information on advanced driving lessons please contact Russell at Pass “R” Uss Driving School who will run through our advanced driving lessons in greater detail with you.

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